There is so much growth activity
in Cathedral City.
We are on a wonderful trajectory forward
in most every aspect.

Investing in you

I will be working on helping our businesses stay in business. I will seek out grants, stimulus opportunities and economic development to get us all back on our feet as quickly as possible.

Business, industries, new homes and developed infrastructure are growing rapidly. With this comes a need for continuous vigilance and vision with a secure plan to move forward. I am ready to join the other Council members to continue the positive development and further growth potential of this plan.

North of I-10

Though this area of the city will not avoid the hardships of an economic downturn, I believe it also has the potential to provide the largest area of opportunity for our future. We must work with the new businesses that have recently opened in this area to ensure their success as well as begin planning for diversified business and residential opportunities for our city.

The development in the area of North I-10 is no longer a dream but an emerging reality. We have recently welcomed the new Best Western Plus Desert View Hotel, McDonalds, Starbucks, a mini market, gas station and several other businesses.

There are more plans that have already come before planning and are in the works for more development.

Along with Economic Development and the Planning Commission, City Council has a large role in advancing these plans and I am committed to continuing our growth, encouraging new business and industries to come to our city and helping our existing businesses continue their growth.

New Growth

Right here in District #2 we welcome the newly opened Agua Caliente Cathedral City Casino that comes with it 556 new jobs. The new fire house on Buddy Rogers and we are well underway with the Ophelia Bringus Bridge project with expected completion in late 2021. This is a busy district!

We had just welcomed the opening of our new Amphitheater on Cathedral Canyon in downtown Cathedral City when Covid-19 struck, limiting our gatherings. It is a stunning park that has great space for day to day enjoyment as well as a world class entertainment stage for larger events that we can enjoy right here at home.

We have the new Best Western Plus Desert View Inn on Bob Hope and Varner Road which is part of the expansion into Cathedral City on the North side of I-10 along with other complimentary businesses.

Growth is an essential part of a city but must be done carefully to not run wild. I have joined a responsible and respectful council and am adding my voice with theirs to assure we grow in the right direction at the right time.

Good paying jobs

Next to protecting the lives of our citizens, opening the economy will be one of the most important step we will make in reigniting our economy. Although these will be tough times, Cathedral City is poised for the community and industrial growth that will provide stable, living-wage jobs for our residents.

As your newest Councilmember I will continue to advance ideas and plans that will increase the average wages in our city. It benefits us all to see financial growth in our community.

The growth in industry is expected to increase our job market by 37% in the next 10 years. This will be a huge factor in moving Cathedral City forward.

Many great things are on our horizon.

College of the Desert is building an automotive training center in Cathedral City. It will be located just off East Palm Canyon Drive and Margot Murphy Way. Located right in Auto row. Students will be able to learn and intern in close proximity to each other.

All new companies to come to Cathedral City are asked to offer the program  “Hire First” to our residents before opening to the public at large. We have a website that will alert you to local jobs as they come up in the categories you are interested in. Check it out.

As a Council member I will continue to advance ideas and plans that will increase the average wages in our city. It benefits us all to see financial growth in our community.

Economic Development

Stone James, our Economic Development Director, is the right guy at the right time. He jumped ahead of most other cities in developing plans, collaborating with other cities and working hand in hand with every business in our city. His team, along with city staff, have already begun strategizing with businesses on how to survive the economic downturn. With this plan, qualified staff to carry it out, a strong City Council and the support of the residents I am confident in knowing Cathedral City is poised for recovery.

Economic development comes from a friendly city such as ours who genuinely wants to help companies of all sizes start up, grow and thrive. From this business success outlook the city grows and in that also grows its tax base. This is how most all things are then paid for.

Supporting the emerging industries as well as the long-established ones helps all citizens of Cathedral City by allowing us to spend on more than just the essentials. New parks, festivals, better streets, sidewalks, and fully supported fire and police departments are a benefactor of a strong economic development plan.

We are lucky here in Cathedral City to work with such professional and accomplished people in our city government that genuinely want to help business to succeed and in doing so elevated us in a beneficial way.

Parks and Recreation

Parks will be one of the areas that will open up first and will allow our city to take advantage of some great open spaces while still following health protocals. It will be great to see the kids playing in the park, teens playing basketball, soccer, or at the skate park while our parents visit with neighbors while watching after the children. It won’t be long after that movies in the park will return. Families enjoying our parks again will soon be a great site to see.

We are a city with amazing parks. Ocotillo, Panorama, Century, Festival Park, Memorial Lawn, Patriot Park, Amphitheater Park and Downtown Square round out the parks we have in our city now, but our dreams go even farther.

The current council has a goal for a park in Dream Homes, a new Dog Park and a large Recreation Center that will benefit the entire community.

I share this vision with Council and will work diligently to promote and achieve these plans.

Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry has remained open during this pandemic and will be a large partner in our moving forward. There are a couple of big cultivation opportunities our city has coming in the not too distant future. These too will help in bringing tax revenues that we will need to help rebuild our economy.

In 2016 California legalized the sale and purchase of recreational marijuana.
I sat on the Cannabis Task Force where we met regularly to help guide issue of legality and forging the future of cannabis in Cathedral City.

Cathedral City has 15 stores that sell legal marijuana. There are edibles, accessories and a variety of plant-based products for sale. Several lounges where you can buy and use products on site. Several testing labs, and cultivation facilities are also located in Cathedral City.

The city benefits in a variety of ways from the legalization of medical marijuana. The tax benefits should top 2 million dollars per year in 2020 and under the wise guidance of the planning commission most all of the businesses who have made Cathedral City their home have made huge renovations of what were otherwise either vacant or underdeveloped buildings.


Our homeless population has been hit hard by this Corona virus. I will continue to seek out opportunities to meet the needs of this vulnerable population.

I previously sat on the Homeless task force and as a Council member will continue my efforts to find ways to help those who suffer from drug abuse, mental illness, food insecurity, job loss, lack of affordable housing and all other causes of homelessness here and throughout the Coachella Valley.