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I look forward to us getting to know each other

District #2 is the last district in Cathedral City to elect their own City Council member. For the first time the Council will have a representative that not only represents the city but was elected by the voters of District #2. We have many neighborhoods in District #2 and I am proud to live here and look forward to representing us.

For more than 2 years I have attended every City Council Study Session as well as Council, Planning Commission, Parks Commission and Arts Commission meetings.

I have listened to you and share in what you want;

A transparent government that is accountable and responsible, serving with the highest integrity.

A vibrant city that has good streets, opportunities for an affordable education for every family member, quality medical care, great recreational opportunities, cleanliness, sustainable growth, economic development and above all safe neighborhoods with fully funded, and staffed, Fire and Ambulance services as well as a quality Police Department that works to serve and protect you.

A beautiful city with parks, art, gorgeous landscaping, live performances and a downtown, including our new amphitheater that attracts people from all parts of the city and around the world.

Working together we will continue improving Cathedral City making us the best place to work, own a home, raise a family, enjoy your free time or retire in peace and quiet. We really can have it all.

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